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ACTION: C.3 "Matching of local authorities with the establishment of Reserves Networks to implement the multi-purpose Ecological Network of Trentino"

What LIFE + T.E.N. will do: This action aims at promoting and "matching" the local authorities (Municipalities and Valley Communities) for the creation of a Network of Reserves in each Homogeneous Territorial Area identified with action C. 1.

The system of Networks of reserves is set up as a reference model for the regional management of NATURA 2000 Network, which is based on the involvement of local communities in the implementation of the principles of "responsible subsidiarity", "participatory planning" and "mutual integration of policies of conservation and development".

Expected results: the creation of at least six Networks of Reserves, geographical locations of the multi-purpose Ecological Network of Trentino which are based on specific voluntary program agreements between the Autonomous Province of Trento and its local governments.