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ACTION: C.4 "Establishment of a "working group" to define conservation measures in the future Rural Development Plan and policies of Sustainable Tourism of the Autonomous Province of Trento"

What LIFE + T.E.N. will do: today and even more in the future, ecology and economy must ally themselves if they want to achieve the goals that each of them aims at and this can be done through mutual integration of nature conservation and socio-economic development policies. In Trentino a priority field in which implementing this alliance is represented by agriculture and tourism sectors. With this action, therefore, the attention of the multi-purpose ecological Network of Trentino and more generally of NATURA 2000 Network and their needs is drawn to these matters. A special "working group" will have to develop coordinated strategies, identify innovative measures and proposals for training, information and awareness activities that combine nature conservation and sustainable development.

Expected results: the establishment of a permanent working group consisting in provincial representatives responsible for nature, agriculture and tourism conservation policies.