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ACTION: C.5 "Institutionalization of "working groups" with the neighbouring regions on the Multi-purpose Ecological Network of Trentino"

What LIFE + T.E.N. will do: the multi-purpose Ecological network of Trentino will tighten relations with the protected areas of neighbouring regions through the activation of "working groups" with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Autonome Provinz Bozen, Veneto Region, Lombardy Region and the Alpine Convention, the latter creator and coordinator of the pan-Alpine ecological Network. This partnership will coordinate the management of the "frontier" sites of NATURA 2000 Network, exchange information on the conservation status of habitats and species of community interest and on the related protection measures, as well as achieve common concrete actions of conservation and strengthening of ecological connectivity and integrated enhancement projects.

Expected results: the establishment of three "working groups" with the leaders/managers of Alto Adige, Veneto and Lombardy of NATURA 2000 Network sites that border or are close to the border with Trentino.