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ACTION:C.20 "Detection of funding sources for prevention measures"

What LIFE+ T.E.N. will do: the economic sustainability of the ecological multipurpose network of Trentino and in general of the network NATURA 2000 is the main challenge to be met in order to ensure an easy future for these areas. Surely the decrease of the funding sources for the prevention of nature and the difficult economic situation are of no help. In order to achieve our ambitious and strategic goals we have set a specific action for the detection of all potential funding sources, both at a national and community level. We will put particular attention on the district farming and touristic fields (link to action C.4) in order to organize projects and actions that entail an economic involvement. The same attention will be put on economic private fields from which some resources may come through liberality, sponsors and royalties. Also forming associations may be an important help thanks to the voluntary actions of members and sympathizers.

Expected results: detection of financial sources and creation of partnerships in the economic field to advantage the funding of the ecological multipurpose network of Trentino.