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ACTION:C.17 "Demonstrative action for the species preservation: promotion of black grouse groups preservation"

ph Michele Mendi

Issue:threads against this bird species are two: the climate changes that produce “out-of-season” mountain phenomena and the changes to the habitat with following disappearance of the farming and traditional pastoral activities such as livestock pasturing, the mowing and the picking up of straw, the control of the growing of trees and bushes on pasture lands.

Species:black grouse (Tetrao tetrix), a species of great interest for the community, it belongs to the Galliformes order and it lives in Southern Europe on the mountain areas of Alps and of Balkans. In the region of Trentino the species is spread on all main mountain groups and in high altitude areas with thin woods, alpine meadows and rhododendron scrubs.

What LIFE+ T.E.N. will do: within the network NATURA 2000, in the area of “Tre Cime del Monte Bondone” we will carry out the redevelopment of black grouse’s mating and feeding areas that are populated by this bird species especially after breeding. This activity will be performed thanks to the partial and the selective cutting of mountain pine trees (pinus mugo), which have been invading wide local areas, and the following recreation of alpine meadows. The aim of this action is to stop the decrease of the presence of local black grouse species, that on Mount Bondone is often rare and in decline because of the expansion of woods and alpine bushes on open areas.

Expected results: environmental redevelopment of a strategic area for black grouse groups on Mount Bondone – Mount Stivo.