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ACTION:C.19 "Implementation of integrated projects for the prevention of habitats and the socio-economic development"

Issue:until recently the methods for the prevention of nature have been carried out independently and sometimes in contrast with the socio-economic development of the local communities, as if those fields (the prevention of the territory, and the socio-economic fields) were two separate, independent and very different fields. This situation cannot be considered anymore, in a modern perspective of integrated and not independently management of the territory, acceptable.

The situation: the capacity to coordinate the needs of the species and the habitat prevention in a socio-economic development of the society is one of the most challenging, but yet most stimulating, tasks of network NATURA 2000

What LIFE+ T.E.N. will do: this action will be carried out in two different environmental areas: the parts of Mount Baldo and Ledro Valley within the region of Trento. Both areas are characterized by the presence of several network NATURA 2000 sites. Besides, on the area of Mount Baldo within the region of Trentino a reserves network has been created, while in Ledro valley a similar network is being created and it is close to its completion. In both these areas we will carry out several activities for the sustainable development of the local economy, thanks to specific participatory processes, based on the enhancement and the preservation of habitats and of species of great interest for the community. The concrete implementation of these actions will take advantage of the financial sources provided by the Rustic Development Plan of the Autonomous Province of Trento and by the European Regional Development Fund.

Expected results: drafting of two integrated projects for the development of Mount Baldo and of Ledro Valley. The priorities for the right management of the local sites of network NATURA 2000 will be identified and we will create an economic strategy supported by financial sources (funds for the farming and the touristic sector, and the regional development), different from the usual sources provided for the management of the protected areas. Thanks to these integrated projects for the development we will highlight how the prevention of the habitat and the species is not an obstacle but rather important opportunities for the sustainable socio-economic development.

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