Pat Lifeten

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ACTION:C.8 "Demonstrative action for the prevention of the habitat: recovery of molinia meadows (6410) and peat bogs (7XXX)"

Issue:in past the wet downstream areas used to be mowed in order to get straw for the livestock and in order to get pasture lands. The neglect of these traditional actions determined the progressive invasion of the territory by trees and bushes, especially by common reed (Phragmites australis) and the following disappear of some tree species such as orchids, sphagnums and worms eating trees, typical of these areas.

Habitat:molinia meadows (= meadows populated by molinia, Molinia caerulea) and peat bogs have an important scientific and preservation value. Within the region of Trentino they are still quite preserved especially on the mountains but much rarer on the downstream areas.

What LIFE+ T.E.N. will do: in order to prevent the negative evolution of molinia meadows and downstream peat bogs in the area of high Valsugana valley, the same areas of action C.7, many extraordinary trims will be carried out. Many other interventions will be supported such as mowing, pasturing, the removal of foreign tree species and the planting of typical trees of Molina meadows and peat bogs. These latter species will come from a garden centre run by the Nature Preservation Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento which is equipped to breed and harvest rare species typical of the wet areas around Trento.

Expected results:

  • Recondition of plant life and vegetation on molinia meadows and peat bogs;

Increase of number of requests by the local farmers for the renovation and the mowing of wet meadows according to the Plano f Rustic Development of the Autonomous Province of Trento.