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ACTION: C.10 "Demonstrative action for the species preservation: preservation of autochthonous population of crayfish

Issue:the distributional area of crayfish in the area of Trento has been decreasing due to the lowering of the number of these specimens. The causes for this are many: the pollution of water, the cementification of minor rivers, the appearance of pathologies such as water mold Aphanomyces astaci and above all the progressive expansion of American and Asiatic crayfish species that have infected the weaker local species with diseases.

What LIFE+ T.E.N. will do: the preservation of crayfish is intended to be carried out on two residual species: the first one is located in the rivers of Adige Valley between Zambana and Mezzolombardo, the second one in Costa Lake, within the network NATURA 2000, by Pergine Valsugana. Particularly in Adige valley thanks to the collaboration of the Consortium of Trento for the declaration of soils, the environmental conditions of the ditches network will be improved thanks to the regularization of the amount of water that flows in them in order to reduce the animal stress caused by the sudden changes in the amount of water. As far as Costa lake is concerned, we will try to root up the species of American crayfish that is trying to settle down and comes from the higher Canzolino lake, in which the same action will be taken. Besides the number of crayfish specimens will be increased in Costa Lake thanks to the release of specimens coming from the experimental fish farming of the Mach foundation of S. Michele all’Adige. In order to avoid the breeding of “foreign” species that may survive or reach this area and the contextual spread of diseases in the local specimens, we will carry out an informative campaign with flyers to inform all fishers on the matter.

Expected results: preservation of two important residual groups of crayfish.