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ACTION: C.11 "Demonstrative action for the species preservation: protection of marble trout"

Issue:the lowering of the number of marble trout specimens has been caused by the pollution of water, the alteration of the amount of water in the rivers and the modifications to the structure due to the building of embankments and other hydraulic constructions that divide the groups of marble trout and prevent males to reach the traditional breeding sites where eggs use to be laid. Another important cause for this is represented by the genetic pollution as the introduction in the rivers and by fishers of brown trout (Salmo fario), which whom the marble trout can hybridize.

The species: marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) is a species of great interest for the entire community, and it is a fish that can be more than a meter long and weight more than ten kilos.
Marble trout lives in the rivers and in the streams at medium and low altitude with rocks, stones, gravel, deep holes and whose fresh waters contain a big amount of oxygen.

What LIFE+ T.E.N. will do: along the Adige river, downstream its confluence with Avisio stream and within the bounds of the networks NATURA 2000, a remodelling of the river banks will be carried out with the creation of submerged obstacles in order to give them a natural aspect and more suitable to the ecological needs of marble trout.

Expected results: remarkable environmental improvement of a long river path within the region of Trentino in order to increase the capacity to host marble trout specimens.