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ACTION: C.13 "Demonstrative action of species preservation: protection of birds of prey from electrocution"

The problem: The habit of many birds to use as perches the wire mesh is particularly dangerous for the species characterized by higher wingspans, just as the birds of prey. The large sizes favour in fact, during landing and take-off, the contact between the wings and the elements in tension resulting in electrocution of animals. Even mechanical impact with the wires during flight in poor visibility conditions, helps to make the dangerous power lines for frequent flyers.

The situation: Trentino is crossed by a number as high-voltage and medium-voltage metal structures which are regularly exploited as support media on which perch from large birds of prey like the eagle owl (Bubo bubo) and the black kite (Milvus migrans) both species of Community interest.

What will LIFE + TEN: in agreement with the Manager of power lines, the section of the Adige valley between Trento and Mezzolombardo will be implemented specific measures to reduce the risk of electrocution for birds. These devices are represented primarily by the installation of power lines on the wire mesh spacing of specific structures that allow prey to land, to remain perched and flying away always keeping a safe distance from live parts. In addition to this on the wires that form the power lines will be applied spirals of coloured plastic to increase the chance of detection by birds in flight, both in terms of visual and acoustic, in the latter case thanks to hiss that they produce when they are crossed by the wind.