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ACTION:C.14 "Demonstrative action for the species preservation: promotion of Corn Crake's groups preservation"

Issue:the big decrease of the presence of corn crake is due both to the remarkable reduction of meadows and the mechanization of grass mowing and the changes of the periods of time when they are carried out over the year. Grass mowing is performed quickly employing high speed machines and during the species’ breeding period, causing the death of the adults and their nestlings.

Species:corn crake (Crex crex) is an animal of great interest for the community, it lives on the grasslands and it is threatened with extinction in most parts of Europe. In the region of Trentino this bird lives on low and medium altitude mountain areas.

What LIFE+ T.E.N. will do: will ensure a long term preservation of corn crake species in two main areas of this species’ habitat within Trentino: “Del Tesino” Plateau in eastern Trentino, “Alta val di Non” valley, in western Trentino. In both areas a contract for the “corn crake’s preservation” will be agreed with the owners of meadows within these two areas, where the harvesting and mowing needs of meadows will be balanced with the biologic needs of this species thanks to the financial sources that will be provided as part of the Rustic Development Plan of the Autonomous Province of Trento. A plan for the touristic development promoting the “meadows’ landscape” will be promoted in order to favour the future preservation of this species by creating a natural farming park.

Expected results: Long term preservation and increase of the presence of two corn crake’s main groups within the areas of Trentino region thanks to integrated strategies for the farming and touristic management of the territory.