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ACTION: A.2 "Identification of conservation priorities for species and habitats of "Birds" and "Habitats" Directives on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento"

Habitat 6240 - Foto Alessio Bertolli

What LIFE+T.E.N. will do: since it is not possible to perform conservation actions for all habitats and species of community interest in Trentino, with this action animals, plants and environments which are more at risk, and so with high intervention priorities, will be identified. These assessments will be obtained by combining the threats imposed on them with their conservation value at European level but also referred to the local situation. Interventions in favour of protection of species and habitats identified in this way will still be bound to have a positive impact, with a sort of "umbrella effect" on all the ecosystems of Trentino.

Expected results:

  • identification of parameters that allow to list at provincial level species and habitats of community interest according to their conservation value;
  • identification of species and habitats of reference for the creation of the multi-purpose ecological Network of Trentino and the implementation of management measures provided by it.
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