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ACTION: A.3 "Identification of ecological connectivity and fragmentation at provincial level and towards the surrounding areas"

What LIFE+T.E.N. will do: an in-depth analysis of the provincial territory and of the border areas of the neighbouring regions will be carried out by MUSE to highlight both the main connections between the sites of NATURA 2000 Network and the situations of ecological disruption and fragmentation. Distribution and abundance models for the species of greatest value will be developed and the "source areas" identified for them and for the biological communities associated with them, but also for the invasive exotic species present in Trentino and in areas close to provincial borders. The main issues of NATURA 2000 Network trentine sites that are adjacent to extra-provincial sites will be identified and analyzed during the "working groups" set up by the local authorities of the other Regions (see next Action C.5).

Expected results: an updated, accurate and detailed outline about the "ecological permeability" of Trentino and also of the areas bordering with it. This analysis will be represented by models of distribution and synthesis documents with different levels of investigation depending on whether you are inside (detailed analysis) or outside (analysis of general nature) the sites of NATURA 2000 Network.

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