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ACTION: A.4 "Definition of "provincial guidelines" for the preparation of management plans of the Reserves Networks including Natura 2000 sites in Trentino"

What LIFE + T.E.N. will do: the Networks of Reserves set up under the Provincial Law 11/2007 represent the elements which the multi-purpose ecological Network of Trentino consists of. Each Reserves Network must adopt a specific management plan which, however, can not be a simple summation of the Plans of the individual sites that form it. It should rather be an integrated plan that will include both active management and connectivity reconstruction interventions, and the socio-economic development of the territory implemented through integrated and sustainable local development projects. Thanks to this action "provincial guidelines" will be therefore implemented for the homogeneous drafting of the Reserves Networks management plans.

Expected results: a direction and standardization document of the implementation modes of the reserves network management plans. The same version in English will be drawn up.

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