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ACTION: A.5 "Definition of "provincial guidelines" for monitoring implementation in the trentine sites of Natura 2000 network "

What LIFE+T.E.N. will do: the periodic monitoring of species and habitats in Natura 2000 Network sites and more generally on the whole territory of the Autonomous Province of Trento is an inescapable need to implement their correct management but also to meet the requirements of the European Directives on this subject. It is necessary to standardize and maintain always update the procedures with which monitoring is carried out ​​in order to collect data in a standardized mode and with method. With this action MUSE will draw up precise guidelines for the monitoring of community interest species and habitats in Trentino.

Expected results: creation of a specific handbook, also in English, which defines the most effective monitoring techniques for species and habitats of community interest in Trentino. Such techniques should meet the requirements of the community Directives and at the same time interface well with the database referred to in Action A.1, so as to keep it constantly updated. The handbook will be drawn up also in English.

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