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ACTION: A.7 "Definition of "provincial guidelines" for the management of humid forests (91E0) and riverbed vegetation in Trentino"

What will LIFE+T.E.N. do: The humid forests, and more generally the hygrophilous vegetation along the rivers, are among the environmental types that deserve great attention for their conservation value and at the same time for their rarity on the provincial area. In the past, reclamations and hydraulic regulation works have wiped out these habitats while now they are subject to regular works of "riverbed cleaning" related to the needs of hydraulic safety. Ways to safeguard the proper management needs of habitats and their related species will be studied along with territory conservation needs in order to obtain the provision of clear and pragmatic specific guidelines with immediate effect in the management of the surface water network of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Expected results: the drafting of a specific manual that describes the best management techniques to be implemented in Trentino in order to achieve the proper management of humid forests and more generally of riverbed vegetation. The manual will be drawn up also in English.

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