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1) The Provincial Law 11/2007 and the protected areas of the Autonomous Province of Trento

In Trentino there are several types of protected areas that the provincial Law on forests and nature protection n. 11 dated 23rd May 2007 classifies in:

In the Trentino region, under the "Habitat" Directive, 152 Sites of Community Importance have been identified, which are known as Special Areas of Conservation, and 19 Special Protection Areas.

Altogether, the system of protected areas in Trentino covers about 30% of the territory.

The Provincial Law 11/2007 also provides that the protected areas located outside the Parks which are suitable for a unitary management with the purpose of natural and semi-natural environments' enhancement and requalification and human and economic activities' development in compatibility with conservation requirements, can give birth to the Networks of Reserves (up to now 4 of them have been established).Within the Networks of reserves the individual protected areas can be put into connection with each other through the identification of "local areas of excellence".

The Law also states the possibility of establishing:

  • "Ecological corridors" that connect the different protected areas;
  • Local natural Parks, considered as the evolution of the Networks of reserves;
  • Agricultural natural parks.
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