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The T.E.N. Project (Trentino Ecological Network): a focal point for a Pan-Alpine Ecological Network aims at achieving a multi-purpose Ecological Network on the provincial territory. This Network will be based on the Reserves Networks provided by the Provincial Law 11/2007 in order to enhance trentine biodiversity through its decentralized management involving local communities in accordance with the so-called principle of "responsible subsidiarity". The Multi-purpose Ecological Network will also be "open" to the territories surrounding Trentino region and will become an important part of continental, alpine and national ecological networks.

In addition to measures of active protection and ecological connectivity reconstruction, within the scope of T.E.N. special attention will be given to the "economic and social dimension" of nature conservation, hence the term "multi-purpose" attributed to the Network derives. At provincial level, still within T.E.N. scope, specific working groups will then be activated to arrange the measures of the future Rural Development Plan of the Autonomous Province of Trento in order to harmonize agricultural policies with conservation needs. Similar working groups will also be created to plan sustainable tourism policies. At local level, the various Networks of Reserves will develop integrated management systems, in which the conservation of species and habitats will interact with agriculture and tourism to create socio-economic development projects that are consistent with the needs of nature conservation.

In short, T.E.N. intends to implement a new model of management at regional level for NATURA 2000 network, set on a long-term strategic vision that is economically sustainable and socially well accepted, based on the three key concepts of responsible subsidiarity, participation and integration.