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The Autonomous Province of Trento

The Autonomous Province of Trento (area 6,212 km, 531,510 inhabitants, average density 85.56 inh./km) is an administrative unit that has primary competence in the field of nature conservation in accordance with the Statute of autonomy (Constitutional Law no. 5, promulgated on 26th February 1948).On the base of this faculty the Autonomous Province of Trento since 1960's has taken steps to identify on its territory several areas for the protection of the environment, animals and plants.

The management of these areas is assigned to a specific structure whose current name is Nature Conservation and environmental enhancement Service. This structure has developed over the years a significant experience in the field of protected areas management, but also of the conception, creation and maintenance of conservation and environmental restoration works, some of which are funded by the European Union through the LIFE tool.